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Emerging Role in the Indian Economy

India’s willing and able workforce of technologists, created by a cultural emphasis on technical education, has proven to be a fertile ground for a blossoming IT sector. Concurrent to this, the vision of new government to create a digitalized and connected nation has added to the IT revolutions across the country. Resultantly, India’s IT industry which marked an increase of approx. 30% Y-o-Y during the past decade steps up on the momentum.

Further, as India embraces technologies across varied forefronts, the accumulated data also increases multifold. While accumulation of data itself has been a challenge, its storage, analysis and conclusion have been big concerns for all leaders in political and corporate world. A most recent example has been “Aadhar Card” or unification of biometrics and financial statistics of Indian demographics.

The Economic Times has always envisioned and contributed to the cause of creating a progressive India. We understand with a massive population, IT revolution and latest technologies – the role of data centers will be crucial for the country to reach next level. Considering this, we are pleased to launch the ET Data Center Summit”.
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