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Nxtra Data Limited is Bharti’s Data Center Managed Services business. Nxtra manages nine Tier III/+ & ISO 20000, 27001 and 22301 certified Data Centres at Noida, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Manesar, Bubhaneshwar and Mumbai comprising approx. 169,000 sq. ft. of floor space. Nxtra offers an integrated portfolio of data center managed services including Co-location, Managed Services (Managed Hosting, Managed Back-up & Storage, Managed Security, Managed Network), Virtual Compute and Cloud with both domestic and international network connectivity. It serves top customers across BFSI, IT, ITES, Telecom, Manufacturing, Services and Media verticals

The key unique selling proposition of Nxtra Data when compared to other players
  • Manage customer’s infrastructure like our own: Nxtra Data walks the talk when we claim that ‘we place the customer at the forefront’. We utilize the same facilities to support and manage our customer’s infrastructure and our parent group’s infrastructure (managing over 300 million mobile subscribers today). This translates into guaranteed up-time, robustness, quality and assured scalability for customer infrastructure.
  • Integrated solution experience: Nxtra Data integrates private and public cloud solutions with its managed services. Further, the end-to-end Datacenter Colocation and Managed service portfolio is integrated with the option for a managed network solution making a “one stop shop” for IT&T infrastructure solutions.
  • Agility & Flexibility to meet customer expectations with stringent SLAs
  • Superior Customer Service: Nxtra’s customer service delivery model is one of the best in the industry with customer migration turnaround time (initiation & commissioning of project) of 3 days including the delivery. Customer is at the heart of everything we do in our organization and also incorporate customer needs at the center of business strategy
PRASA has been at the forefront in understanding the customer pain points in terms of IT & Power infrastructure. Partnering with the leading OEMs for IT & Power equipment manufacturer, PRASA has portrayed themselves as the leading solu on provider for IT and Power.

Established in the year 1996 PRASA has gained vast experience in the ever changing environment of IT & Power. Having worked closely over so many years with an enviable por olio of customers (from small companies to global corporates) PRASA has been able to pile a huge amount of experience. Our wealth of experience, forward thinking ethos and technology leadership has enabled us to generate immense experse in understanding the exact need of the customer.

One of the most significant differen ators that separates PRASA from other vendors is our recogni on that a solu on (designed by us) to any given problem is defined by customer’s needs.

Most vendors take the opposing view where your needs are bent and shaped to fit their standard products easily available. This mostly happens due to in adequate knowledge and limited experience in catering customer problems.

Each of the ver cal centric sales team (in PRASA) is backed by group of technical experts to op mize and cer fy the most appropriate solu on for the customer need.

With a broad product por olio and resource infrastructure, PRASA’s approach is to understand customer’s business and the specific needs, and offer the most appropriate, just op mum yet scalable solu on set.

PRASA’s solu ons cater to an array of large enterprises spanning across Datacenters, Medical Equipment Installa ons, Government, Banks and Financial Ins tu ons , Telecom Shelters, BPOs, Industrial Process Control Rooms, Food Processing Industries, Broadcast Facili es, Building Services Control Rooms, Surveillance and Monitoring Centers, and Retail Malls.
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