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The world of entrepreneurship has witnessed a renewed interest across continents and across seas over the last few decades. And technology has played an immensely significant role in enhancing growth of businesses, providing advanced solutions and hence, boosting economic growth of nations. Technology, with a strong emphasis on the IT sector, has attracted huge investments by companies. These investments have led to innovations and a strengthening of the various IT offering to the world of technology, business and growth all over. With data playing an indispensable role in the IT world, data centres and data storage have become important. Very important. The reason: Just by sitting in a closed room, huge amount of data and server information can be managed, controlled and applied intelligently to boost businesses and administration further.

The Indian data centre market is expanding many folds due to the increase in demand from financial sector, telecommunication sector, healthcare industry, and government bodies. Technology has completely overhauled the data centre scenario with data storage seeing a strong uptick in recent years. As the data volumes increase, so do the storage capacities. According to Gartner, the Indian IT Infrastructure Revenue by Technology for storage will be $516 million by 2018 and that of server will be $2,292. These are huge volumes. And the Indian IT industry, which has spread its wings very profitably even in the US and European markets, is only expected to grow further. In such a scenario, customisation of data storage and data centres too has been much in demand. Each company has its own unique requirements.

The demand for data centre has also increased due to the rise in e-Governance initiatives and a spurt of growth in social media platforms. Thus, India needs a proactive policy to boost investment in local data centres and data storage. This would, in turn enhance advanced analytics for data intensive computing, internet of things and machine learning. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to shore up cloud computing and the storage market for better management of e governance, e Commerce and other internet enabled activities. This would also lead to transparency in governance and an improved and easy way of doing business.

  • Rise of cloud and inclination of companies towards this leading-edge technology
  • Upsurge of CPU intensive applications, databases, and software
  • Increasing demand for storage capacity to accommodate growing data needs

The Economic Times Data Center Summit

The Economic Times has always envisioned and contributed to the cause of creating a progressive India. We understand that with a massive population, IT revolution and latest technologies – the role of data centres and data storage will be crucial for the country to reach next level of data analysis, governance and management. Considering this, we are pleased to bring to you the second edition of the ET Data Centre Summit 2016. This summit will talk about the current national and international trends and innovation, the challenges, the need for right policies required and the future of these in India.
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